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    Tanganyika selfie, Craig training for #swimfortanganyika #teamtanganyika

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    2014 Swim for Nsumbu

    The Swim Conservation Lake Tanganyika’s “Swim for Nsumbu” fundraising event gathers a small group of brave and conscientious people together for a 40 km op

    Posted - 8 hours ago
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    Today's Swimmer of the Day, Swimmer Number 12, is Jordi van Oort. Being Dutch Jordi learned to swim at a very young age (as in Holland, you apparently never know when you are going to end up in the water). Although this means that Jordi has been swimming for about 23 years, it definitely doesn’t make him the best swimmer around… Jordi is more of a conservationist than a swimmer and knowing the incredible value of the beautiful Lake and especially the Nsumbu National Park, with its herds of free roaming elephants, some of the last in Africa, he will definitely be giving this swim his best go in support of this amazing natural wonder. Jordi hopes that by swimming the Lake he will help to increase attention to and awareness of this exceptional area so that we will be able to conserve it for many generations to come. To support Jordi please go to:

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