CLT has various projects under way, if you would like to know that your support is going towards a specific goal we welcome any help we can get. Monetary donations as well as goods and services are all much needed.


African Elephant Protection in Nsumbu NP

CLT conducts 5 long anti poaching patrols per month ensuring that there is a continuous presence of scouts in the North East of the park where elephants are concentrated. we would like to extend this to have anohter patrol team doing short spot patrols throughout the NE sector. Each 5 day spot patrol costs:

$250 for petrol for the team to be deployed in a remote area and withdrawn again

$80 for field rations for scouts

$180 for Village scouts allowances

Anti illegal fishing lake patrols

These patrols are dedicated lake patrols for 5 nights.

$300 for petrol for the team to mobile for the entire patrol

$80 for field rations for scouts

$180 for Village scouts allowances

School kids visit to Nsumbu NP

Many children around Nsumbu have never visited the national park or seen widlife at close quaters. As part of our community education program CLT provides for a day ou in the park for 15 kids. thier day includes a beach wlk at Nuundo head, afternoon tea and cake on a remote beach and an afternoon walk at Kasaba Bay viewing animals. each trip is accompanied by a senior Widlife Police Officer and our own conservation officer providing the kids with a interpretive experience and encouraging discussion on the value of wildlife and places.

$350 for an afternoon boat outing in Nsumbu NP for 15 kids.

Chomba Community School Support

Chomba community school is situated right on the park boundary in the remote Iyendwe valley. its close proximity to the NP and its remote nature lead CLT to choose it as our main school to support. Much needed:

  • any pens, pencils, books, magazines etc
  • $100 per month contribution for the teacher. the community school teachers are not paid by the government, Chomba community school has 3 teachers who are paid a small allowance by the community. any donations allow extra teaching staff to be engaged.
  • $80 per desk. Made locally to encourage ownership.

CLT is always in need of goods towards our various projects. if you are not able or willing to donate cash we gladly accept any of the below:

  • socks and boots for scouts
  • tents and raincoats for scouts
  • binoculars
  • Nature DVDs (Nat geo specials)
  • Mealie meal or flour for rations
  • exercise books, posters, text books, bird books, pens, pencils, etc.