Dedicated personnel with skills to share can have a huge impact in conservation and development. CLT cannot provide income or allowances for volunteers but we have a house in Nsumbu with electricity and running water as part of our office. The building is within Nsumbu township and CLT encourages all volunteers to experience rural life and impart their skills on an equal footing background.

Projects to volunteer for:

  • Development of conservation clubs and lessons in the local schools, this role includes national park visits and activities to be organised for local schools. With relevant skills/experience/training CLT would like help in developing an education booklet in conjunction with local stakeholders that will be introduced to schools.

  • Low input cooking stoves. CLT has built a prototype wood stove that uses up to 80% less wood than traditional methods of open fire cooking. we would like to see these stoves constructed in as many households in Nsumbu as possible. This project will reduce dependence on diminishing firewood supplies and give women more opportunities for other activities.

  • General health and hygiene awareness campaigns. This includes HIV/Malaria.

  • Basic computer skills. This project requires the volunteer to develop systems for data entry for CLT conservation projects as well as conduct basic computer skills workshops.

  • Fisheries management and conservation. Nsumbu township is built on fishing and most people still rely on it for livelihoods. CLT has initiated a Community Fishing Conservation Committee from amongst fishermen with the aim of developing lines of communication between authorities and the fishing community. The possibilities for creating sustainable fishery in Nsumbu are vast but will require dedication.