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Raffle Winners visit Lake Tanganyika in support of our conservation work

In 2014 CLT carried out a raffle in order to raise funds for resource protection in Tondwa GMA with support from Muchinga Adventures Ltd and Ndole Bay Lodge. We were delighted that the winners of the raffle chose to accept thier prize of an all inclusive visit to Lake Tanganyika and Tondwa. Sven and Paula stayed at Ndole Bay Lodge and had this to say about their visit

“Thank you CLT!

When we saw the advert for a the CLT raffle we jumped at the chance to support and buy tickets. Not just because we were keen to win a 6 night experience on the lake, but also because conservation in Zambia needs all the support we can give.

Much to our delight, we won the prize, were flown to the lake and really got to see what CLT is all about. Our desire to support the organisation has only been amplified by this experience. CLT operates alone in an extremely large area that is not easily accessible. Running CLT requires huge inputs of time, fuel and costly assets and there are many logistical, social and political issues facing conservation in this area. The work that CLT does by raising awareness, assisting ZAWA and promoting conservation in the area provides a vital foundation for proper management of Zambia’s precious corner of Lake Tanganyika.

We learned that there is much that needs our protection. The lake contains 6% of the world’s fresh water and is home to an amazing diversity of rare  and endemic fish and other aquatic life. The Nsumbu National Park on the Zambian bank is home to the last remaining patch of Itigi-Sumbu thicket, which supports a variety of fauna and flora. The area has been stripped of most of the game that once thrived there, most tragically, the black rhino which we could only imagine was once right at home in this environment. This is all mainly due to poaching and deforestation. The lake is also facing increasing pressure on its fish stocks that could threaten the population’s livelihood as well as this most delicate ecosystem. Sustainable methods of fish farming and controls on use of resources are in play, but there is still much to be done.

Craig Zytkow, who voluntarily runs CLT, is quite clearly undeterred by the challenges and has taken a proactive role in doing whatever he can to protect  the unique and diminishing natural resources in and around Lake Tanganyika. Having walked through the Nsumbu National Park, dived among the many species of cichlids in the lake, and fished in the crystal clear waters  with him and his team you cannot help but feel compelled to support the conservation of this magical place and the unique fauna and flora that depend on it.

We sincerely thank Conservation Lake Tanganyika for providing the prize of a lifetime, the trip offered a far deeper experience than we expected. We will continue to support and promote their operations in whatever way we can for years to come and would encourage others not only to visit the lake, but also support CLT’s very important work.