Conservation Lake Tanganyika aims to consolidate and expand on all current projects, largely summarised as:

  • Maintain and expand on all Law Enforcement in Nsumbu National Park and Tondwa GMA
  • Engage local community groups to facilitate increased sense of ownership and benefits from all natural resources of Lake Tanganyika.
  • Embark on an education program to ensure that the next generation of Zambians will participate on conserving their natural resources.
  • Encourage investment in sustainable industries, especially tourism.

In order to address the most pressing issue of continued illegal activities in the protected area and to foster direct employment benefits from the protected area CLT is actively looking for large scale support for the following project:

Development and implementation of a long term strategic plan to maintain and increase the biodiversity and integrity of Nsumbu National Park and Tondwa Game Management Area through increased Law enforcement capabilities.

CLT intends on addressing the above issues by implementing a strategic plan to overcome the major threats being faced. Current stakeholders (GRZ, ZAWA, and Nsama CRB) in the PA will be engaged from the onset of the project to engender ownership and a joint vision of what needs to be achieved, how this will be achieved and the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders.

This will entail a review of the current Protected Area Management Plan and Law Enforcement strategy and the updating of these. This will ensure that the requirements towards achieving the goal are more clearly defined. It is highly anticipated that the first step towards achieving any goals will be to address the issue of effective and suitable manpower. This will be done by conducting a recruit and training program for WPOs from the local area, done in conjunction with in service training of existing WPOs. During the training program potential leadership and training personnel will be identified to ensure longevity of the project.

After suitable recruits are trained and employed the project will move towards ensuring that these new recruits are used to their maximum efficiency by providing the required equipment and support to conduct ongoing operations, investigations and response to threats.

The project is anticipated to immediately reduce the major threats being faced by NNP, that being illegal activities, both terrestrial poaching and illegal commercial fishing using bad methods. The increased capabilities of ZAWA during the ensuing time period will also better position ZAWA to address other long term threats such as unsustainable developments and provide means to assess performance and respond to changing threats.

The major long term challenge to the project is ensuring continued employment of all trained personnel and the ongoing provision of operational needs.