Our Swim for Nsumbu event has become our flagship awareness raising event and a great way to highlight Lake Tanganyika and our efforts to conserve it. 2017 Swim for Nsumbu will be held in early May 2017 and will be across Cameron Bay which surrounds much of Nsumbu National Park and where most community members that have a stake in the park live. the swim will be 23 kms in length and the format will be the same as in previous years.


2015 swim



Please get in touch if you want more details and are interested in swimming or supporting the 2015 swim!


The 2014 Swim for Nsumbu occured on November 8th. This year’s swim was the biggest event yet, in our continued effort to bring awareness to Lake Tananyika the 2014 swim was a truly trans-tanganyika event. The team of crazy but passionate swimmers swam ACROSS LAKE TANGANYIKA from the Tanzanian coastline, all the way to Nangu headland in Nsumbu National Park, a distance of 40kms.

The route for 2014 trans-Tanganyika swim is:

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Donations in Zambia in Dollars (USD)

Name of Account:   Conservation Lake Tanganyika
Name of Bank:         Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Physical Address:  Plot 1236 Ndola
Bank Postal Address:     PO Box 71665 Ndola
Bank city:     Ndola
Bank Account number:  8700230786100
Bank sort code:    060171
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CLT was founded due to an almost complete lack of any government or other NGOs support for resource protection of Lake Tanganyika and specifically Nsumbu National Park where we focus our efforts. By the late 2000smost systems were in critical decline and poaching and illegal fishing was taking a heavy toll on wildlife and fish. We are dedicated to promoting and preserving the biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika, an ecosystem that is more diverse than rainforests and provides protein needs through fish to an estimated 10 million people on a daily basis. Our efforts are split into a couple of areas:


Resource Protection: This involved direct support of government agencies that are responsible for this, including the Zambia Wildlife Authority through anti-poaching, and the Fisheries department who is supposed to monitor and control fishing practices. Both these agencies are woefully underfunded and unable to carry out their mandates. CLT supplies most of the logistical requirements for them to operate efficiently (fuel , rations, equipment, boat, etc) Currently CLT is providing all requirements for:


  • 8 x 10 day anti-poaching patrols in Nsumbu National Park, both terrestrial and on the lake every month
  • Suitable field equipment for 22 rangers to operate in the field including uniforms, backpacks, GPS, tents etc etc
  • Maintain and operate a boat for patrols and monitoring
  • Provide salaries for 8 community scouts (basically rangers drawn from the local communities)
  • Collect data on high value species, especially elephants.
  • Construct infrastructure to assist in this (so far 6 scout houses, a control room and renovations of 2 field stations)
  • Maintenance of an anti-poaching landcruiser.


Community Component:


This includes:

  • continual sensitizations programs throughout the communities living around the lake and national park, encouraging better fishing practices and education value of the natural resource.
  • Upgrading infrastructure in remote community schools
  • Supporting environmental education programs in 14 target schools, including interpretive field trips for students
  • Facilitating capacity building and advisory roles for the major community groups involved in natural resource management ( Community Resource Boards and Village Fishing Conservation Committees).


We are an extremely light organisation with only 1 paid employee (apart from the scouts) and over 90% of all our funds are used in the field. My position is voluntary. We are currently working on 2 major projects over the next 3 months in addition to our ongoing operations, these are:

  • A selection, recruitment and training of an additional 15 village scouts who will be sent to Nyamaluma Natural Resource Training College for 3 months. This will include the provision of employment upon graduation as well as all required field equipment to allow them to operate efficiently.
  • We are providing all the requirements for the overhaul of the Community Resource Board (CRB) here as per government guidelines. This includes a pre sensitization effort of all villages in Nsama Chiefdom the elections of 10 village committees through a democratic process, the subsequent formation of the CRB executive and then training of new members for this board.




Our “Swim for Nsumbu” event pits a few brave and concerned people against whatever we face in the Lake to bring attention to the plight and needs of Nsumbu National Park. Swimming the entire lake boundary of the national park in our efforts to save Nsumbu but we need help in making Conservation Lake Tanganyika a reality.

The swim is in a relay format with each swimmer doing a 20 minute stint before the next swimmer gets in the water and takes over. Without an ultimate injection of funding our passion to save this beautiful National park for the benefit of all stakeholders cannot happen. Please give generously!

The Swim for Nsumbu is an event on  Lake Tanganyika initiated by Craig Zytkow of Ndole Bay Lodge and Christiaan Liebenburg of Chongwe Safaris. The main purpose of the swim is to raise awareness of the plight of Lake Tanganyika in general and Nsumbu National Park in particular.

The swim is a 40 km open water swim that covers the entire Lake Boundary of Nsumbu NP. The event will be an annual event and provides a great opportunity for supporters and sponsors of Conservation Lake Tanganyika to gain maximum exposure for their support through an event that is eco friendly and physically challenging.

The 2012 and 2013 Swims for Nsumbu were the first ever events and a huge success, we hope only the first of many more such events to take place. Please contact us for more details if you would be interested in joining or supporting this event in the future.